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The compact design makes the Bona Belt simple to manoeuvre and the specially designed transport cart makes the machine easy to transport in between jobs. Powerful and effective, the Bona Belt is a versatile belt machine for both domestic and commercial wood floor sanding work. The machine can be disassembled and reassembled quickly and easily. The easy-start function ensures reliable start-up under all conditions. The Bona Belt has a very efficient vacuum that minimises dust. For optimal dust reduction, the Bona Belt is compatible with Bona DCS 70 (Bona Dust Containment System).


  • AC Motor: 230V @ 50Hz
  • Rated Power: 1-phase 2.2 KW
  • Drum Width: 250mm Total Weight: 74kg


  •                              Heavy weight for powerful wood floor sanding
  •                      Pressure adjustment: up to 50% of its weight can be adjusted to the sanding drum
  •                              Easy fitting and changing of paper, no tools needed
  •                              Can fit distressing drums to texture wood floors on site
  •                              Dust containment ready

The Bona DCS 70 is a powerful vacuum unit for dust free sanding.

Its two-step cyclonic separation and unique filter design effectively contains dust within the machine, even changing the dust bag can be done completely dust free. With the DCS 70 connected to the sanding machine there is no need to seal off connecting rooms or cover paintings and bookshelves and the environment will be a lot healthier and nicer to work in compared to using regular dust bags on the sanding machine.



• Dust free sanding
• Ergonomic design and convenient transportation
• Low power consumption
                                                         • Quick and dust free swap of dust bags. Unique seamless dust bag solution using Longopac.
                                                         • 2-step cyclonic separation and unique filtering system
                                                         • Healthier working conditions – in compliance with new regulations
                                                         • Greater customer satisfaction because of sanding without dust and reduced odour
                                                         • Superb end-result after applying finish because no dust is left on the surface of the bare wood
                                                         • Made for professional use – robust, high quality machine for flooring contractors.

Bona Edge XL is an extremely powerful wood floor edger sander yet lightweight edge sander. With outstanding dust pick-up, this machine gets the job done quickly without mess. The built-in lamp improves working conditions further. With adjustable wheel height the machine is easy to set up for optimum performance. Standard or Velcro backed abrasive discs may be used.

The Bona XL Edger comes with standard arm version in 220 mm arm depth. Suitable with Bona Belt Floor Sanding Machine, 250 mm



Floor Sander Specification
Motor Power 2.0 kW (2.68 HP), 10A
Total weight 15 kg
Dust Discharge < 1 mg /m³ air
Disc Diameter 178 mm
Sanding Arm Length 220 mm
Disc Speed 3000 rpm

The Bona® Mini Edge is a completely new edge sander from Bona. The innovative design is engineered for top rate performance, durability, comfort, superb balance and dust pickup. If you hate edges, thresholds and stairs, you’ll love this machine. One of the unique features of the Mini Edge is its stair sanding support. Normally when sanding stairs, the wheels may slide off the edges of the staircase while the edge sander continues sanding. With the Bona Mini Edge, just click the Stair Sanding Support in place and it will be perfectly balanced. Other great features of this edger are its adjustable ergonomic handles which are designed to be less tiring for your hands and adjust to suit your individual working position. You’ll always have great working light with the Bona Mini Edger as the bright halogen spotlight is tucked in neatly behind an unbreakable glass cover. Fully protected, the work light will never get in your way or collect dust. From the performance of the belt driven motor to the ergonomic design, the Bona Mini Edge will make hard jobs easier and take you to places you have never been. GREENGUARD certified Access toe kicks and other hard to reach places The unique “open throat” design allows unobstructed air flow in the vacuum chamber Cast aluminum body Adjustable ergonomic handles Built-in 20w halogen work light Atomic DCS® compatible Non-marking urethane wheels hour meter Motor (single phase) 1-3/4 HP, 60Hz, 110 Volt Machine weight 20 lbs. Sanding disc size 6” Sanding disc speed 4,400 RPM at normal load Combination sanding disc siafast backed or standard Illumination 20w halogen light Vibration Resistant Halogen Light Adjustable ergonomic handles Access toe Kicks, stairs and other hard to reach places

The Bona CombiEdge is a lightweight and flexible edge sander. Easily switch between a 125 mm short-arm edger or a 330 mm long-arm sander in just a few simple steps. The 330 mm arm provides excellent reach under deep kitchen kick boards and radiators. The lightweight and highly efficient edge-sanding machine is also fitted with a frontal LED light for better visibility. For optimal dust reduction, the Bona CombiEdge is compatible with Bona DCS 70 (Bona Dust Containment System).


  • Disc diameter: 150 mm  Motor power: 1.15 kW
  • Total weight: Short arm 7.5 kg; Long arm 8.3 kg
  •                             Length sanding arm: 125mm or 330mm
  •                             Disc speed: 3300 rpm
  •                             Dust discharge: < 2.0 mg/m³

Buffing machine for a wide range of applications including fine wood sanding, cutting back grain raise, cleaning a.s.o. Reliable and asymmetrically placed motor on 1600W ensures steady and stable operation. Simple construction and simple to use with fully adjustable handle height and large transportation wheels.



• Simply constructed and simple to use.
• A rotating plate inside a cast aluminium body, driven by a powerful motor.
• Handles and shaft fully adjustable in height to meet the needs of all users.
                                                    • One speed or two, dependent upon the task in hand.
                                                    • Different mounting plates allowing the machine to be used for many different areas of use.

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